The voices I have heard

Here we are again! Silly season as they call it. My head hurts but not as badly as my heart.

Have you ever pondered over the people you think you know? Your friends? Whoosaa!!! There are very many changing faces in this world.


Several scrolls and reads and comprehension pauses this is where I am at , these are the voices I have heard :


⇒As for the people thinking walking into live bullets in protest is foolhardy, I can only tell you people live in different realities, the other day villagers appeared armed with bows and arrows in Sugoi ready to defend, in my reality, I don’t have a bow and arrow in my house, but I did not judge them,or think them savage, because I don’t live their lives.~ Jap

⇒Resist the temptation to respond to those mocking “your loss”. Resist the temptation to respond to those bragging about “their win”. Resist the temptation to lower yourself to the level of sewer rats because they will beat you with experience, while there.

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can keep your head when all about you;
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more;

You’ll be a man my son!~ Kamau Wa Wanja. A combination verse by Rudyard Kipling-Brother Square-Toes’—Rewards and Fairies.


⇒Shout out to the people who voted for the >% it means you did not vote out of fear, hate or love(how the hell do people “love” politicians? Don’t they have family or friends for that?) and thanks for being rational. Keep voting, maybe it’ll catch on. ~ Jap  #Hashtag  the winners and the losers or the losers vs the winners


⇒Then there was this beautifully articulated article from Dayan Masinde:



If democracy means gunshots at night
Fires in the streets
And the women and children cry in screams
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
Queuing in peace with strangers to vote
Then locking myself in the house in fear for days
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
Some citizens celebrating at KICC
And other citizens can’t help but bleed
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
Me blocking my Facebook friends
Because we can’t chat without political insults
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
Half of the country gloating their man has won
And another seeks revenge cause their man has lost
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
The friends I have made over the years
Become my enemies every five years
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
A biased media that tells the story of one side of Kenya
And ignores the other side of Kenya
Then I don’t want it

If democracy
Will keep away good leaders from stepping up
Because they fear how dirty politics is
Then I don’t want it

If democracy
Means a game of losers and winners
Yet we are all in this country together
Then I don’t want it

If democracy means
Opportunistic people coming to beg for our vote
Then they ignore us and plunder for five years
Then I don’t want it

If democracy
Will divide us into tribes and economic classes
And make me see people as statistics
Then I don’t want it

If democracy
Will make me less loving
And I with the majority lord over the minority
Then I don’t want it

The system of Government I want
Is love, equity, progress and togetherness
I want the social aspect we Africans used to have
Before we were introduced to a system of winners and losers

And don’t tell me about America
Don’t tell me we compare ourselves with America
We didn’t gain our independence to be copy cats
We gained our independence so that each one of us can enjoy this country

If one of us feels less of a Kenyan
Then we have failed as a nation

© Dayan Masinde


⇒And then the keyboard warriors. Let our voices be heard! Regardless of the fact that we will only share a one sided opinion of what we think is right or wrong or how we feel, not a moment of thought spared to what might cultivate, breed, be birthed better yet sparked. We have a voice, this is my voice! What have you changed with your voice ? The calls for genocide, extra judicial killings, media blackout Kikuyu vs. Luo,  Kamwana vs. Baba


Lastly , the cry that has been drowned out by all the noise up there, the cry of peace. It comes in various forms ,most people I know, the ones who are lost in the madness, clueless on what can or is to be done ( I very much included here), innocent, ignorant and any and all manner of  excuses you could come up with are unwilling to engage for whatever  personal, private or public reason. In 2-3 weeks the cycle that is norm in Kenya will start again where children have to go back to school and school feees needs to be paid , people need to make that extra coin or face starvation and the marginalised ones with even bigger problems do not have the platform that is social media to be heard or  given much as a second thought.

And your leaders puh! The ´elected´ one is silent , the ´other one´ is out rallying for what I am not sure.

Elections in Kenya 2017! This is the aftermath. Call me ignorant but my narrative has changed. I am sitted in dorm room in a foreign country, sponsered by a foreign government to further my education.

Where do you come from?  I come from a deeply divided nation. A divide deeply seeded in tribe, politics and hate because that is the narrative that has been re-told for so many generations it has become personal truth for most.

When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, it is not enough to say that the man is mad”- Francis Imbuga.


Five more years and we will be back to this same exact place. We cannot have peace without justice they said. I too don´t want this democracy.

After a long, hopeless war, people will settle for peace, at almost any price.~ Salman Rushdie

As we were! Does this make me a keyboard warrior too?



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