Rest assured


No my friend,

that is not your right! You do not have the right nor power to tell me I am fat or thin or that I need to loose weight or that I need to gain weight.

No it is not your right! You see everyday when I wake up, I look at my self in the mirror and I smile because today is the beginning of the rest of my life. I know where I have come from and I only have but a vision of where I am going so if it is the weight that bothers you, be rest assured I will be the only one to carry it.

You see my weight has nothing to do with you,  has nothing to do with the air you breathe which is free, I am not even going to come to your home for you to feed me.  And can I tell you something else, your discriminating words only go further to prove that I am a lot happier than you are because I, who has to carry the burden of this weight, I who looks into the mirror each day, are content. Have no doubt, that the day I wake up and I do not like what I see or how I feel or how I look then I will do something to change it . Not because you said it, not because I owe the world or people of your kind anything, but because I owe it to my self.

So utter your words if you may, shout to the world, voice your opinions, hurl that shrill on mountain tops and to the highest of heavens, but your words will not define who I am, will not prompt or push me to not love myself anymore or less than I do. Your words will not echo to make my insecurities louder. I know my friend, I know.

And may the thunder that strikes with every storm strike you for the wrath you have evoked! Enough!

Yours truly,

The girl defining her own journey.



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