Verbal Situation-ships

Truth be told, I have actually become very polite. I still manage somehow to serve up a cold dish of hard truths which is actually a debatable truth but hey, I am learning!


So this comes in the wake of a barrage of careless and misinformed comments that have flooded my path and have my knickers wound up in ways unimaginable.


Being someone who has never been termed petite there taboo topics  people should really learn to avoid talking about or even in the least bit give an opinion on. We know you know but really?

So among my list of taboo topics:

Weight. It is not okay to tell someone you need to gain weight or ask and especially in a crowd if someone has gained weight or even in the least bit mention about someone´s weight . In my view that weight has absolutely nothing to do with you and your not the one walking around with it.

Religion. Unless your asking to know something better please don´t. This is sacred ground to me at-least. Choosing to believe  in what I do or not is my personal choice and whether you agree to it or not has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Repeated words. This would be either gossip or something someone mentioned. Most times its always either blown out of context or proportion but I have never really quite understood why people repeat words from others. Unless your going to make a point or rebuke someone for what they said, don´t! This is the part I believe  most people never see the line drawn in the sand. It is a very thin line.

Choice of words. If someone does something regardless of what.  Before you say anything,  think – which is speaking to yourself then speak – which is  thinking to others. It is not as hard as it sounds! Remember to even utter something; your context, relationship to that person and as well environment has to be taken into consideration. That aside, your choice of words will be the deciding factor.


Politics. This is a really great conversation starter but we are not all in that category and we do not really get it. On one hand it is really, really interesting to talk about . On the other hand some things are best left unsaid.

 Information. What do you want to say? We sometimes as humans tend to overshare and even with the  best intentions it doesn´t come off  as pleasant. Its a syndrome that I too have suffered from, what is obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to someone else.  School or grades or attending class maybe important to you but it is a completely different story for someone else. Someone  who may not be able to afford something, when re-telling the story and especially to a group of strangers, this is  fact you actually don´t need to mention. It has nothing to do with the audience and in my view it is best left unsaid.

That being said I found this really cool article on how to think before speaking :

The article actually starts with :

“Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”
Proverbs 17:28 American King James Bible

To end my short rant: May people´s words not become a reason  for your insecurities to grow louder. Communication is primarily a function of the recipient so you have to communicate based on the listener.



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