It’s that time again when we decide this blog needs some traffic and spice! NO chills huh?

MMMh where to begin?  BFF and Aunty L think I should write about my little escapades, so here we go!


Once a upon a time I spent a series of 2 weeks on coffee dates every evening after work because  I was tired of the queues and the traffic. It was fun! Tin… is about the best and worst creation of social media yet. I am thinking of moving to Badoo but before I do here’s my take from this part of the cyber world.

First, it is important to state everyone is after sex,EveRyOnE

! Whether they tell you there priests or have the sweetest profiles with long narratives confessing all their weaknesses and everything they are or not. You see I used to get offended and I even had this one liner that went like, ´Is that the only potential you have seen in me?´ Don’t get me wrong, am not looking for a husband par say but you can only sext with so many people and you’ll out there watch too much porn FYI!

Second, the ChAraCteRs. You think you have met them all?  You have not met the ones here. Anything from in an open relationship to I am looking for fun, to I am looking for a life partner. Been there, done that, heard it all. It’s ExaSpEraTing!

Thirdly, you have the ones who are completely non-existent. They have a profile with either photos or no photos, no description, no hint of age nothing I mean really´s like walking in real life and seeing people without faces or missing body parts ….run!

But the best part for all the nays, I have met a few good people or interesting, to say the least so let me excite you a bit……..

First ever date was this really cool guy. Cool in the sense of his very calm and collected. A scientist pursuing his doctorate. Very intellectual, open and funny. We had a pretty good conversation when we met and I love that he writes a lot. Never calls but writes and is very consistent to a fault. He also takes notes. He has reminded me of all my firsts since I came here. I think this is very good, don’t you? Anyway, haven’t seen him in a long while but as we are still talking rather writing mini novels to each other, let´s see!


The West African still not sure why I swiped right on this guy, but he is sweet. He gets my E-for effort. Even in all his Africanness. Several dates where he shows up late, for setting up dates with no plans in place. Now that I am a student, it is important to note he pays for everything, he got me a Christmas present. I like him lets just hope I can get over all this African business of serving a man…. that part ( not me and I don’t see it happening )


How could I forget C3.This is my comical sense of relief. Very cute, looks 26 but is much older than that. He was actually quite thrilled when I told him that, but he makes me laugh. Movie junkie and is fun to talk to and hang out with. Gives you that big brother feeling. Though I can’t tell you whether he is serious or not. Or is he just excited by the fact that I am a foreigner ( you know what I mean! ) BFF actually asked a very important question. Are these guys dating you because you´re a girl or just like you out of curiosity to see how the grass on the other side is. Truth be told I also don’t know!


Then there is D1, he is tall uuuiiii! And then a nerd. He is sweet,  had a  couple of dinners with him and long night walks now that it gets dark at 5. His interesting and pays attention very well. He went silent though at the start of the year, promised self not to write. I have gotten quite good at this hit and run thing with people. Not the male version where they literally hit then run but the letting go kind. I am not going to put myself through all that self-torture. Sometimes you might just be too much for someone and believe me it´s not a bad thing.


M2! This is the super nerd. Has a funny laughter, I find myself chuckling every time I hear him laugh but first date was in a spa. Was I impressed? Yes. And it was hot … don’t ask why?  The setting kinda makes it like that. I like him because he is honest, writes a lot ( my kind of people) and he is a perfect gentleman.Did I forget to mention, in reality here going on a date means you go together and everyone pays their own bill? Yap!


Lastly, the triple thread. My three constant chats.

  • One is a frivolous flirt who never stops. We have been having the same conversation about wrestling for over a month. Still not sure where this is headed.
  • The other guy is sweet. I Think he lives about 70km from where I am so we update each other. It’s easy and I like it. It’s a penfriend sort of gig, so I am cool.
  • The last guy is queer if I might call him that, his either hot or cold or neither. Writes haphazardly and gets offended when you don’t respond.Met him once, he is H:O:T! 1.95m, blue-grey eyes, half F& G sporty! Yes, that’s why I am entertaining this character.

This is the part where you thank heaven for EyE CaNdY!


I am in over my head probably, but my youth has to be lived out gear in full throttle! I hope you know this is  only a tip of the iceberg. It hasn’t been all fun and games as it sounds up there. My heart has been broken a few times ( more like despair), because well, for all the good in the world evil still exists. Those are the things I don’t talk about.

IN tHe WorDs oF Eugene Cernan:

Curiosity is the essence of human existence. ‘Who are we? Where are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?’… I don’t know. I don’t have any answers to those questions. I don’t know what’s over there around the corner. But I want to find out.

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