My first winter bucket list

I am in mourning , I have abandoned this page for quite a while.  I won´t lie , I have been busy and having a bit of fun here and there but mostly confused. I wish I could tell you why, but mmmh not for this audience.


Anyway it finally snowed. I thank God for TV and post cards and Snow white or any other fairy tale that ever had snow… my  first winter bucket list is complete.

We normally don’t get second chances at life but what I have come to learn to love is the opportunity provided by firsts. Its silly, and child like and special. If I haven’t done something before , or even tried it for that matter then I take time to think about it , how I feel about it and analyze the hell out of the whole thing . This much I have one young kind sir called Felix to thank for ……

He got me to play table tennis for the first time and the best excuse I could come up with was,

Eva :´I am not good at it , I will just miss the ball anyway!

His response was,

Felix: ´What if you die tomorrow having never played table tennis?´

And I was like,

Eva: ´mmmmh damn that makes sense?!´

I know its exaggerated  but it works and you know what ? I rocked at it hahaha  ( evil laugh) !!


Anyway here it goes:

  1. Glühwein


I toast to my love for anything alcoholic and in this case that warms you up  in this chilly god forsaken weather . The spices and especially cinnamon ( current heart throb) , sweeteners in form of fruit or sugar or who knows what … this is my  winter chicken soup. It cures any blues that come with the grey weather.


2. Christmas markets

Ever heard of the Esslingen Christmas market  That was my favorite one  but so were all the others anyway point is  at this particular one, where they have stalls lined up with goods I thought were sold eons of ages ago and people dressed up with the most intriguing costumes making silly sounds ( okay pardon me ). It actually really felt like I had traveled back in time . It was crowded don’t get me wrong but I loved it . I don’t think I will ever get a Christmas feel  and flare without a visit to one of this markets ever again.

3. Plätzchen


There is nothing more than a tradition that gets the Christmas mood going .  Did I mention I have a really cool tandem Partner . He has gone out of his way to make my whole tandem experience super amazing and he invited me to  bake with him and  his classmates .  Plätzchen- are what you would technically call Christmas sugar ,butter cookies. They are mouthwatering  and yum  but the whole point of this is the time you spend together baking them and decorating while playing Christmas music in the background and singing Christmas carols and telling Christmas stories. It gave me a really special feeling , like I belonged … thank you to the highest of heavens




I got some gifts . I feel kinda sad because I was not able to give back some as well but it was really special  and thoughtful. That someone out there took time out to think of you  and got you something for that same thought . This is the teary part … sniffles and bless you wonderful  souls always.

5. Christmas breakfast , lunch and dinner


Here why  lie , I missed my nyama choma  BuT , I got a round table full of family, hearty laughs and cheer ,lots of love to share  with Suppe, Roullade, Rotkohl and Knödel… was it yummy yeeeeesssss!!!!! On the other hand I also had a chinese round table as well just before christmas ….the  food was  ´tantalizingly heavenly . The best part yet´, was the people that I shared it with . They magnified any taste I would have ever gotten.

6.Vitamin D tablets- I am thankful for medicine in this way. If you come from a  perfect weather country like I do where weather has never been a topic of discussion really  except when it rains  you begin to appreciate it. So I had  been warned and it came. I was for a about 2 weeks very moody , sad and extremely tired then I stated taking this yellow pills and I got a whole lot better. Mmmh, who knew! At the least I am kinda happy I don´t live in the Scandinavian countries because of a lot of reasons but I am sure they have there perks too if any !

7.Christmas decorations

We don’t decorate back at home , so it was really exhilarating to see all the creativity that was around. From shimmy lights and cute little ornaments and out rightly over done decor … for me it was all woow… Remember we only see these in story books and movies .

8. Therme- Despite the freezing cold , there  some places ,bath houses as you would call them that provide a  great amount of warmth and feel good hormones from the weather. A recluse if I could call it that. I was so nervous the first time I went  but it was really, really nice. Body warming if I may call it that. You sort of tend to forget that there very many people around and you sit there lost in hot mist, thought and enjoy that distant yet close warmth … its not the sun but heeey it works quite well all the same . Did I mention there too many couples around you making out ? Ehem recipe for hot steam..could also be the reason why it was so steamy… I hold my silence…….



9.Drum rolls……………….( imagine the sound here) It finally snowed . After Christmas yes but I stood at my window for about 45 minutes and I marveled, opened and closed the window as my heart almost stopped from the chills but that white carpet that I have craved and longed to see for the longest time is here with us. Did I forget to mention for all its whiteness snow is actually quite murky  and dirty to be on eeew… Any way its beautiful from the view to the touch to  the smell ..  snow  smell? I  am not sure but mmmh maybe .

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It is true what they say:

When snow falls, nature listens.  –  Antoinette van Kleef


I still have a longer list for my next winter. I am yet to ski ,ride a bobsled,visit a ski resort, build a snow man  etc… See the list is endless. For now I breath and take it all in….. To firsts, being born african and seeing the world through the eyes of a foreigner.


I wish you all a wonderful 2017 full of firsts!



Some photos courtesy of google!



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