And miss Sweeva has a new habit . Everytime I think of a word, I look for a synonym and just like that I paste it as my new vocabulary. Incase your wondering hence the title.

I have a story for you . Aside from the fact that I have been  seriously thrown into a whirlwind, OMG: News flash ( for me atleast ) school is not easy , going back to school is trivialized and especially if your a selective reader like yours truly, who has been out of touch with syllabus  et al and  for 6 years  and counting, do I pity my self yes , do I like it no ( I dislike the discomfort not everything per se)  and then I throw in my ever gracious sentence:  ´Wir schaffen es´  … We will make it!  hahaha!

Before I lose my way, there’s a girl in my class. I am learning to be heedful to people  nowadays , now that in a small town unknown to many  the whole world has gathered. She caught my attention because one of the first questions she asked me was how old I was? And then she proceeded to remark that she thought she is the oldest in our class.

Chiara  comes from a very conservative background  and her reason for coming here : she has worked very hard all her life, saved all her money , gotten married  and had a child. But during this entire time  all her schoolmates  finished studying , went abroad, came back  and she had this little inkling of curious pain in her heart , what is it that others go to see out there, that I haven’t seen. That´s the version I got .

The other version I came to hear later ( a different story not too far from the one I have just retold ) is that  she needed to come here to find her direction .

All that said and done this is probably inconsequential to a world  full of billions but every time I am tempted to become narcissistic,  I look at her, gather my self and I repeat this words:

 Courage is :

 Leaving the only home and place on earth you have ever known and  taking yourself to an entirely new place where barriers deeply rooted in more than just language ,culture and a way of living exist and follow you daily

Courage is :

 The unshed tears  in silence because you left a home with a husband and a very young son to fulfil a desire and a  dream,  you alone if anything believe you need to accomplish compounded by the grace they lent you considering they let you do it .

Courage is :

 Picking yourself up and staying firm and  deeply rooted in the face of despair and challenges that will not be over in just a day or days to come.

 Courage is :

 Waking up haunted by the questions, the uncertainty and the fear that follows you , and plagues you worded ,unsaid or unspoken…  and the only place you find them are in a vacuum customary to many but unique to every individual.


I  can only imagine  as far as I have written what this means or how this feels.  Just like I said  this may be inconsequential to a world full of billions, but it matters to me  and that is why I have chosen to pattern on my space.  My only prayer I send out to March 2018. I cant wait to see how this narrative pens out . Chiara will not be the same person who came here. I ask for Mercy , Grace , Strength and above all else Resolution.


Chiara is my unsung hero. I will stand by the sidelines and watch and cheer and then eagerly await  re-telling  another story .

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela







“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela


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