Die Leidenschaft is the german noun for Passion. I reiterate incessantly that one of the many reasons I love this language is because of its precision. Let it never be said I did not teach you any german!


I have spent the last 6 months aside from learning  German volunteering for a German association/club that runs projects in Tanzania in an area called Bukoba called Jambo Bukoba.( Click away and read about our  great work  and send your support if you can better yet tell a pal whle your at it !)

Let me take you back to the genesis of this post . January 2015  , after speaking to a guy that I was sort of dating then ( non-issue), I caught myself mid sentence realizing something . A few chats later and we each rallied our friends to join our cause. We formed a chama  that would do charity work. Ground work set in motion ,  Eva championing everything we took off. I expressed my intention as clearly as I could and for the first time in my life realized   the potential of the people around me have. It was agreed that we would contribute Ksh. 2000 every single month  and after every two months each member had an opportunity to present their cause and subject to a tallied vote  we would support the member with their great cause. I was first ( off-course) because way before I even came to this point in my life, I knew what I wanted to do . It was a promise I had made to myself  6 years before when I lost my mother. I don’t think to date a lot of my friends or even other members of that group know the weight and breadth of  what this meant and means to me  moreover  how it came to be. All in all , I got first chance many thanks to my compelling presentation. The second time around, another lady (Carol :who I admire a lot by the way) as well got her turn , then from there it went downhill. Lets just say a few months after this all went downhill after I realized we were not making any headway. Good thing is as well I managed to discern that a good number of people on board , including my best friend who I had literally arm-strong ed into this were not on board with me . I was on a 10 and they, lets just say  fell way below the mark. Coupled as well with underlying drama , I jumped off the bus  and here we are today.


Back to Jambo Bukoba .

Dear E lands in Munich  hustle on  gear 1, one foot on clutch revving up the engine  but much to her disappointment learns  she is not allowed to work . So my pal Eric suggests I should volunteer and the online hunt began . I landed on the Gute -Tat webpage ( Its a state funded foundation that organizes /advertises volunteer work in Germany)   and days later prowling through their site, saw an advertisement for Jambo Bukoba, they were looking for a volunteer HR assistant and I applied. I did not get the post but I was invited to their monthly meeting which was scheduled a month later. As sure as dawn, a month later I showed up and off-course I pick every-one´s interest seeing as I am African ( person of interest ) and the association runs projects in Tanzania but no I am Kenyan.( non-issue again). So we talked, I learnt a bit about what they do  and then I met the director who is the founder and director of Jambo Bukoba.  A few minutes and just like that I had a purpose to serve. I together with another lady ( Thank God from Tanzania) would do the translation of their website from German to Swahili.  On that day I had no idea what I had signed up for but here we are 4 months later and I do not regret saying yes.

Looking at this organization you could easily dismiss it for an NGO like the thousands we have back home but you know what , take a deeper look, read about their concept and read about the heart and soul of Jambo Bukoba who are their members , participants and ordinary people who have one thing in common :a passion for a vision shared by the founder.

I walked into their office and right from the office space to the people who work rather spend hours in this association / organization all work on a volunteer basis. In essence , Jambo Bukoba has only less than a hand full of paid  employees and these are the people who implement the work on the ground in Tanzania. Everyone else, I included  ensure the  smooth operation of  this very well oiled machine on a volunteer basis. I couldn’t believe it , at first but that’s it ! Did I mention they have an out of world concept for the work they do?

So what am I on about :

My take away from all this!

What I started back then though noble and very profound lacked if anything the backing of my intention which  is the core of who I am : Passion/Leidenschaft. From where I stand, I was very benevolent about the whole thing, I  had the best of intentions , my heart was in the right place but above all else I failed to surround myself with the one thing that would make this concept work which was a team that shared a common belief  and purpose in what I want and wanted to do better yet revolutionize.

Allow me if anything deviate a bit : I kept through out the whole process before I decided I needed out of the chama telling myself , I hate leading sheep. People who simply follow without initiative but seeing as I am far from being a great leader, lets just say I failed on  one hand to share what and who I am explicitly , on the other hand, I unequally yoked myself  ( Lord please judge my heart ,am I right ? ) .This is  still an issue I am attempting if anything to articulate …I fell off the wagon but I am not beaten, just not yet . They say when you know better you do better. I may not jump into action tomorrow or the day after but  a seed has been planted and now I need to water it , nurture it and shed some light on it …

From one of my posts I shared  that you cannot yank a seedling to make it grow ,so baby steps. I learnt  a while back that the worst of habits is saying no without just cause.

Passion:now that I am utterly in-love with the urban dictionary ~ Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible.

I leave this post here as always with my favorite ending :

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

-Oprah Winfrey


I got this picture from a friends Facebook post and at first I felt a tinge of cringe but it makes perfect sense.. more than is required!



 My Dictionary

Chama ~Swahili word meaning association .



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    • Actually it was just volunteer work for now …..ending soon though …glad I could take away a lesson or two 🙂 Thank you and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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