Its the slander to my wit that I find very impudent.


Mental poverty as defined by the urban dictionary is – simply an impoverished mind. It is a way of living for some. It is a condition and state of mind where there are limited educational resources and if there are educational resources, one chooses to avoid them. It is a system that exists where the norm is ignorance and refusal. Refusal to change, to try and learn new and better ways of not only thinking but also putting thoughts into action. It is essentially a poor mind.


Poverty in itself is inadequacy or lack of something and coming from the great big land I come from- Africa to be precise  (rather continent but most foreigners are not aware of this fact) its norm, second nature if I might call it that. You see we happen to be the richest motherland anywhere but due to our lack of proper management or better yet the selfish nature of ourselves always actively  played out by our leaders we are always in need of. The resources are never just enough. There’s a beautiful phrase in German for this now that this language I have come to learn has a thing for being very precise… Mangel an.

The tragic state of this is that because you have never known anything else aside from the lack of, you learn without question to accept things as they are and actually some more. I fear because a lot of people where I come from hardly ever realize that we are born with infinite ability regardless of.  The most tragic of tales to ever be told are that the repercussions of this pitiful state are innumerable in all forms  unfathomable from indecisiveness to procrastination to uncertainty and worrying and worse still Mental poverty is self-inflicted. Ever heard of, you are your biggest obstacle? That’s precisely what I am articulating.


I do not in any way blame anyone who suffers from such if anything it’s all you have ever known but in my view and as reiterated by urban dictionary : It is a system that exists where the norm is ignorance and refusal. Refusal to change, to try and learn new and better ways of not only thinking but also putting thoughts into action.

So what am I on about?

This is probably going to sound very pitiful but somethings have to be said:

So let’s say you’re sharing a house with people and as fate would have it, you have to do communal shopping, then you get this issue of overuse (if I may call it that) of dish washing soap or whatever ( Its never just one thing you know ). Thing is any normal person would anticipate this and plan in advance for this , I mean dish washing soap is only 55 cents  and the cost divided amongst 4 people is about 14cents per  person which I believe is not that much but you see not for a mentally poor person.

So now you find yourself in a position where the said soap is divided into four or more parts and is continuously diluted with water for a whole month.

You see at first I was shocked then I laughed it off until another issue ensued. Toilet paper. So said person runs in very excited they bought a whole sack of potatoes because there is a great offer but they won’t buy tissue because they do not have money so we all have to make do until, they get money to buy said toilet paper. This plus many other incidents that I will not re –tell here lest the color rises up my ears tips again, this has me particularly unhinged you see.

We find ourselves in a first world country , bequeathed if anything with privileges unimaginable back in Africa( our land) so I wonder of all the things one would choose to save money on  they pick potatoes over tissue?? Or 55 cent dish washing soap? I irrefutably fail to understand. I get the eat to live but here’s the thing at this precise moment one is a need the other a want? Am I the only who sees this?

I might sound arrogant on this (actually scratch this )  I do not in any way mean to be better than anyone else but there are lines to be drawn and not on the sand. I have been accused of being extravagant in many instances but I believe if anything (your personal well-being please translate to I ) is an investment on its own. If you’re going to tell me to pinch a penny somewhere then it has to be worth it.  A little bit does go along way but

COME ON Really????!!!


This is me being passive aggressive but considering I have one month to go I choose my peace and leave this here  to further ponder:

“It is a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.”

-Anthony Jackson


PS:  Africa  according to Wikipedia is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent and has a total of 52 fully recognized states . #googleit






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