A positive attitude alone will not get you through this life!




Okay so fine I get it … this is a choice we consciously make if anything to keep our sanity but after being forced to spend a copious and distasteful amount of time with a person who for whatever reason believes that the only thing you need to get through life is a positive attitude that nearly drove me to literally choke my guts out …………….( insert pause)  I thought it best to pen this down . This is a conviction I have struggled to unravel  mainly because I could not articulate what I felt  and thought in word.


So yesterday I reached out to Lady G and she dotted the i´s and crossed the t´s just like she always does.

Deal is,  I  am a realist. I say things as they are and I embrace any and all  good or bad as they come …. and for the  more than a quarter life I have lived I have my share of experience. That being said and done…here is how she  articulated this notion and to my utter and gritty  joy:

1.Being positive is an act – This can easily be compared to how good girls pretentiously behave , all the niceness and piousness  and to add salt to injury , its an act your rewarded for that is why someone who actually believes this  notion just keeps  going  on and on …. Ever seen how the compliments flow when your a nice person , check again for positivity!

2.This way of thinking is borne of privilege . Anyone who thinks like this has the one thing most normal people don´t,  comfort! In their current state of being they face no challenges whatsoever and  which in-turn leads me to the fact that in such a state, this act is very easy to maintain. Its a choice, a way of thinking that you choose. The thing that is actually most inconceivable in this state is the easiness of being certain because it comes as a default.

3.It is out rightly disrespectful! This is the part right here I need you to pay attention. We who have lived cannot by any means ever fake positive energy and yea who believe in the  wholeness of this  notion in part have a right as long as you do this on your own but the minute you try to shove it to my face you deny me the right to be human, the right to feel and the right to acknowledge how I feel . Its almost as if you think your better than me ! You see in-order for you to get to a place where you can think clearly or even come to terms with some things , arises at the point where you  acknowledge  what is or not and then understand..


This insatiable requirement to be positive is toxic. It is a con and it is unreliable!

All that being said and  done here is where we who have a clue are based :

Over and above a positive attitude, to get through life you need if above everything else these four things:

  1. Material resources to your issue and lets face it , your not God you cant solve all issues on your own ,FACT! Sometimes that much needed vitamin B comes to your aid.
  2.  Faith and confidence- This is  purely based on the fact that if anything we all believe in a Higher Power than  ourselves and with that belief comes the strength to move along.
  3. A channel of exhaustion. Remember that scene on the super man series where he once flew  far out to Iceland or somewhere in the north pole and screamed for life if anything to let out what he had inside? I especially loved how the entire iced landscape fell apart in avalanches . You get my drift.
  4.  Last but not least and the one I view as most important, a support system that works. Not someone who will soothe you , or in the least bit try to fill in your shoes , sometimes in your cloud all you need is that one person who will think for you  and its as simple as that.


Just to make things clear this is the part where most people have it all mixed up :

 A positive attitude is -positive -a desirable or constructive quality or attribute

                                            – Attitude -A manner of thinking, feeling, or behaving that reflects a state of mind or disposition.

Optimism- hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

Its either the end justifies the means or the means justifies the end. Don´t get it twisted!


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