Silent Presence

Today I want to peddle  a concept to you  and I use the word peddle because you might take it or not but I would rather the former.


Quiet presence even better Silent presence ~This concept is mainly known in the Godly realm in the book of Job 2:11-13 and here as shared I lay exceptional reference to the final sentence of these verses that says ´Then they sat down on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights with no one speaking a word to him, for they saw that his pain was very great. `

I am not sure if this is something that comes with age or experience maybe a life skill that you pick up along the way? It is something I value deeply and hold very sacred. I love to listen to myself think and a lot of my companions have reiterated the same severally as have I. There is just something really immense and exonerating about withdrawing into yourself in the midst of pain or confusion , at the brink of a meltdown or when your just not up to it. Its not that I have mood swings (not withholding the estrogen factor) and it is also not because something big happened or someone said something….

We live in a round world that rotates  and spins followed suit by tidal time and fast pace that sometimes  a necessary evil that doesn’t involve you breaking-down or hyperventilating at the least requires you to retrieve and retract and pause….. a time out if I might call it that…..


I now find myself surrounded by a populace that feels the need to prove their validity and I don’t quite think they get this concept. Haha! here I am pulling the age card less than a week from my big O but Kai did say I am hanging out with young in´s. Encircled by an atypical environment , constantly bombarded by change  and the obscene burden of the unknown, I have had to tap into this habitation quite often than not all the while with this insanely ,annoying at the least and more often than not irritating presence of someone who just wont shush! I sometimes wish a muzzle would magically  wrap itself on them but then that’s the far wishful thinking has gotten me. Then there’s the other kind that insists on resolving matters post haste  and for this one I say Extra Grace required. I have a rule , sleep on it …  but this kind is another topic, I want to deal with the yapper so here it goes:

 Dear Mr. Bigmouth,

This may come as a shocker to you but people recline into themselves, not out of ill being or because of something that has happened in your head unless expressed otherwise but people just zone out ! Its not the day dreaming nor the mood swings , they just need that deep space raised to the infinity of time that they can zone out to whatever  or wherever they need to so that they can get back to normal.

I hope you have read the prelude to this letter  and this shall not be followed by but for you , but here is what I need you to do; if you see me get into this space , this is the part I normally go very quiet  and say very little (depending on where we are ), I need you to S.H.U.T-U.P! Not in a rude way , I know you mean well but I need you to stop trying to talk to me , stop trying to include me in conversation or directing any form of speech whatsoever to me. Let me be… and I sincerely hope its clear.


 Off-course its all circumstantial to the who ,the what and the where, but this one I am going to ask you to gravely work on. Where I come from its a life skill. You see there is a comfort that exists with someone who is just there …present but silent . I once read somewhere that the best conversation you can ever have is where you sit  on a porch with someone swinging , never saying a word and then walk away feeling like its the best conversation you have ever had. This is my only petition to you.When the time is unerring you will get a chance to speak just not at this point and not in my recluse.

I graciously thank you for your endeavored effort if such a word exists.

 Yours truly,

Sage girl.


To the things you´re obliged to get off your chest , I leave you with this words:

No one said intercultural communication would be easy Pheew!





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