My 2.0´s

Wow!  I have rehearsed the opening line for this post over and over again but as always it had to turn out differently . I normally don´t write from my head,  I write from my heart and Lord knows how feeble and flaky this heart is …

I like memories and I come to a close on a roller coaster ride of what my life thus far is , I think its best to remind me of all that I have within me that I love to bits . Aside from the fact that I  kinda like telling people what to do , which is a completely different story for another day , I am happy with  the far that I have come , with all that I am, can and will be. You see I kept repeating to myself that it just might be but now I know for sure that this right here is my eat, pray, love story .

I continue to echo this precious words that ring very true and near to home :

I cannot in a million words entirely describe my journey  but I can say in all sincerity that I come from a place  of nurtured dreams. I must also say that the  bar has been set quite high to this regard. I can hardly keep count of the number of times I have had to pinch myself, just to make sure that what was happening at that point was REAL!  To find favor in the sight of God and man is a pleasure bestowed to many but only few find grace to  fully comprehend and embrace it.
 I will share with you tidbits of the places I have been too and maybe a story or two of where, what and how . …….. If I am thankful for anything in my 2.0´s, it is my travel experience!
1. High priority on my list as always ,my love of good food. If I was to upload an album of everything I have eaten then this post would be perpetual. I have always harbored this tiny little dream of being a food connoisseur but until then I will keep at it ….
2. There is nothing as good as an adrenalin rush okay aside from an orgasm but that’s a secret you know. My  hashtag #addictedtomyownadrenalin. Its my way of getting over fear  and releasing that inner spirit that we sometimes try very hard to suppress. So if you ever find yourself zip lining , right at the edge of the Victoria Falls, caught in between the gushing current of the Nile river fast flowing … that is where it all happens.
3. Then you have that breathtaking moment and this is the part where I love to pinch myself , Gods own creation… the landscapes and scenery. It can only get better from here . This are the tiny glimpses of heaven we get on earth. I think  summed up in one word- Amazing !!

4. Nature is funny at the same time beautiful. There is nothing as comforting as knowing that it is not only humans who live on this earth, there are other more beautiful creatures than we and how they or we co-habit is a wonder on its own …. I always keep saying , I will reincarnate in my next life as a Leopard 🙂

5. Those intimate moments you spend alone, an early wake up call with coffee, dreaming, meditating , praying and hoping it never ends or just appreciating that He thought you worthy of such grace. With a book  or a glass in hand or just in solitude…. that right there is life on its own …….


6. Have I ever told you I am a birder? My favorite birds are the lilac breasted roller, the carmine bee eaters and yes you guessed it the African fish eagle … They are tiny like me , harmless or not but with traits that even I fail to fathom at times. I would spend endless days watching them ………….. I intend to retire doing this 🙂


7. Ultimately there is nothing thus far I have seen that is more breathtaking or more beautiful than an African sunset . Perfection has a name and its called an African sunset coupled with your favorite drink of choice!


After all as Larry said, we live in a world where anyone can grow up to become anything, including a failure. Here’s to  wanderlust, unmerited favor and blessings, here’s to living the dream, to showing up anyway, to wearing grace like a loud piece of jewellery,drawing lines in the sand and stepping into new dimensions…. As always I live to follow my curiosity  and as my good friend Jane says : GO ANYWHERE ;TELL EVERYONE ! Happy 30th birthday to me!




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