Transition-taking stock

So I have been putting off this post for a while, mainly because I was having a very good time but as well I  was in turmoil about everything. You see the thing about transition is,  it takes you far out of your comfort zone that going back isn´t an option and worse still it requires quite some reformation  from your end… Its been amazing to say the least, but in account of the time frame  and what I hope and dream and have heard and promised myself….loud sigh!!!!!!!!

1.So today marks two weeks since I left home, I have 2 years to go. I will be here for 6 months and then I will need to move again  but I am not even phased by that.

2. Both my best friends finally have their little bundles of joy and I can only thank God for that.

3.I have 4 housemates each from a different nationality and I have made a good number of acquintances .. I am yet to call them friend as we havent fought with anyone yet .  Now thats a true test of just how strong the bond you have made is. Bless there souls!


4.I cried giving my last speech at work and for all the tears I shed , I knew it was over but truth be told I absolutely cherished and loved what I did . It wasnt for everyone, but I laughed and smiled on more days than I can count and many were the days I had to pinch myself to realize that what I was doing or feeling was real. To find favor in the sight of God and man is a fortune bestowed upon many but only a few can fully comprehend this . Thank you to the highest of heavens…


5.I was taken a level  or two back for my german class, I more or less outshine everyone in class but thats what you get for studying a language for 11 years and still some more. My masters course will be partially in German. I look forward to it .

6. I am absolutely grateful for my past . That I have met very amazing people in my life is beyond any words I will ever utter and for everything my friends did for me before I left, I will be eternally grateful . I am special and loved and above all else treasured. That for me is home .

7.For the first  time in my life instead of lashing out I chose to calm down and  take the high road. I cried and it was a very beautiful feeling. I will try harder… it felt good to let something slide  and go.

8.So from all the stories I have heard, some people were dumped  just before they came here, others like me are still on the infamous hunt , some are unsure and a bit zurückhaltend about the whole idea but what wasn´t actually said was that, there is hope,  there are dreams and there are experiences to be had and heard. May I learn to open up my mind and heart each day for whatever experience that will come my way….

9. Amongst the questions I have been asked , what do you intend to do when your done? I have a  half baked answer I think , but then again its too early to tell. I got alot of prophesies for  that matter but   the only thing I am assured of is that I will not be the same….. Please give me a sign.

10.I am genius that much I know. I am very straight forward ,very outgoing, very charistmatic but Lord I live in a perfect world and I need to stop assuming that what is obvious to me is obvious to someone else.  I have very high expectations of people, but you see I live in a perfect world,  then again mmmhhh. Eva calm down to where normal people live, that white kitchen floor  will not  rot in  day just because it has dirt marks( …..long sigh….breath..) learning how to live with people again.

11.I have called home literally every day since I came here. Shiko cried for the first three days then she made her peace … I am not sure about Ruth she is putting up  a very brave front …. this was the hardest thing I think I had to do , letting go of my people without my heart beating very fast or having tummy knots everytime I think about it . So I found a prayer and I have faithfully said it every single time that feeling creeps in :

Dear God of Abraham , guide me with your spirit  as I pray  for my family according to your will. I release them  to you so that you can accomplish your will for their lives. Keep me from binding them by my needs, wants and  ambitions  for them. Get me out of your way so that you can work the life of Christ in them and protect them  in the city where they are. Give them Grace and  integrity to always look over them , Lord I pray this in Jesus name ,Amen. 

I am not sure where I got this prayer from but it has helped. Lord how I pray you hear me.


12.In the midst of my turmoil , I received a word telling me keep going , this I think was the best message I am yet to receive … many thanks to SJ and TR …. So the five protocols of transition :

1.Get your house inorder

2.Inspect your team

3.Discover the alignment for your next level

4.Learn to walk with precision.

5.Pick your battles carefully.

13.Then again from a second sermon  I  got a definition  for exactly what  I needed to hear :I am currently in a place where everything I am feeling or imagining can be summed up in two words, Amazed & Afraid.    I will use ,for this post the same picture that was used for this second sermon dubbed gold rush  and with it may I be reminded thatHe is watching over me  and I should trust Him to ensure that I walk  with Him every step of the way and no matter how hard it gets , the gold rush is on!!

Gold veins


 14.Last but not least something I read today: One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the opportunity to be surprised.


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