Penned for my girlfriend

I dare you to say nay!

I dare you to say nay!

This is a reminder I felt I had to pen in memory of what we have shared and are yet to share in this life or the next. So to you my dear girlfriend , hold this close to your heart as a promise of our memories  and the friendship that we share.

 Dear YB,MI,MT,L,CM,J,

I have a very vivid visual of how and when all this started , but it has been if anything, an utterly astounding journey. I can count on more than 10 fingers what it has meant to have you in my life. From the late night escapades to the bonding sessions ,  the drinks and the food ,the tears, the joy and laughter, the  silent treatment and the profound forgiveness. On the contrary,we  have each shared an interminable belief in each other that I will forever hold close to my heart.

If  I have learnt anything in this life,it  is just how much I count on you for strength and support and I hope I return the favor in the stride. Fast forward to this many years ,a lot has changed and here we are today each of us setting our own course and with the changing tide, I falter at the thought that a lot is about to change.

I cant give you as much advise as I would have if you were still running the same course but I know for where your headed , it is going to take more than just your self will to get through. There will be days where I will not be that important and I am sure we will get to a point where somethings no matter how much you would like to share are just not for me,  and in some instances, I may not even understand.  I know in certainty that everything you need to be beautiful, successful, incredible, blessed, trusted, respected, honored, and happy are already in your life. It may not be that obvious , but here we are along way away.

As  we each tread on this path , I would simply like to share that I hold you near and dear to my heart. I promise if anything to always be there , a clown in a fun fair ,a phone call away, maybe even a door step away or perhaps not to my liking, I might just be a world away. I would like you to always recall that no matter where I or you will be  at that point in time ,we are as alive and as we will be alive , as we ever were. I pray that you will blaze the fire of our friendship. There are times we will go for days on end without a word or a story but it doesn’t mean we are not there , it simply means we need to work harder.

Somewhere along the lines we will lose ourselves, some to barely recognizable, others to our same old selves, slip and slide will be the order but notwithstanding , don’t  resist and do not if anything forget yourselves. Control the parts of you that believe you comprehend better  and  love yourselves enough to acknowledge that your insecurities are beautiful don’t veil or shrouded yourself . If anything you are neither the first nor the last , others have been there and if you can´t cling to my shoulder for a good cry ,I might just be able to direct you to one who can offer what I could or couldn´t have in absentia. Never kill if anything the abundance of hope in our friendship.

Hard as it to articulate ,I will at some point lose if not some of you ,then all of you. It will not necessarily be from some  form of grand betrayal neither the distance but time . Time to have it all together , time to make peace with each other , time to spare for anything  so be conscious of the fact that time and tide wait for no man. I will not hold it against you. In the end we are all human in every possible way.

I will continue to pray for you  and no matter how weird you think  it is ,I will be that girl that has photos of your babies and families saved on my phone so that I can remind myself and you in case you forget how beautiful life is. I hope to age in grace and look forward to it with each passing moment. In the famous words of  Aaron Siskind – Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

To end my rather lengthy tale , I wish you all the happiness that this life and the next has to offer , peace and tranquility that you have never imagined before and as my promise to you, I have engraved your names on the corners of my heart and with every beat I pray, hope and learn to live in and outside  of your presence.  We had a good one didn’t we? Onto the next ….. babies and spouses and life as it may be…….. we live yet another day to re-tell the tale !

If ever you look up and see a rainbow , look for the brightest color and imagine what I would say …. yyyaayyy!


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