Whisky date

Truth be told , I have been informed that my blog needs a bit of spicing up .. so I put this up from a guest writer …. to many more !!!

Take a chill pill

Take a chill pill

When I first saw her user name in the whats-app group I was intrigued and more so because she was a lover of whisky as was I, I knew right then that one day not too far in the future I would share a drink with her and maybe even bed her. We started off sizing each other and making small talk and the more we engaged the more I found myself captivated by her brilliance, a rare gem to find nowadays, beauty coupled with wits and she knew her way around the spew side distilleries.

We made a date for a Sunday evening and to say the least I was anxious to meet her albeit not for the first time but it seemed so to me. Just a few minutes after 6 in the pm I got her call that she was on her way and I frantically rushed to clear with the last minute arrangements of sprucing the pad in anticipation for her majesty’s arrival, piped jazz music in the background drinks in the cooler and a bottle of 16 year old lagavulin, after all this was no ordinary guest.

It was one of those evenings where the nights are longer than the days as it was already dark but not to worry I knew it was going to be an epic one. Just then third world problems conspired to fling us into darkness; blackout(why does it have to be this way in our country and who decides that these people have had too much light and decides to flick his magic switch and voila we are in darkness…. I digress)

All the effort put into the planning including having to skive church(I am not religious but it sounds like the perfect thing to say for a Sunday.. ahem focus.. no way was this date going to be ruined. Quick thinking and rushing to the local super market I was back armed with scented candles and the date was back on track even better.

I am seated there in my favorite seat, whisky glass in my hand trying not to think about what time she would be arriving, trying to savor the fine bouquet of lagavulin lighting my spirit and warming my stomach   when I hear a soft tap on the door.

We hugged at the door and I held on the embrace for a few seconds longer than should be but who could blame me she smelled like she had taken time to bathe in the most sensual of flowers the kind that bees use to make honey. I led her to the seat opposite mine and poured her a finger, neat, that is how she enjoys her sallow more intrigues.

The normal chit chat continued for a while but the truth is my mind kept wandering as I watched her beautiful face illuminated by the candle light flickering. The room was quivering with candlelight shadows  I bashfully admire her and become increasingly flirtatious. I switch seats and join her in her seat she awkwardly sets down the glass on the table next to her.

I have waited for this moment for a long time and I take my time kneeling next to her to savor and take in her beauty admiring her every inch of soft milky skin. I run my fingers through her face gently and gaze deeply into her beautiful clear eyes. Then slowly I cup her head in my hands and proceed to kiss her forehead and she lets out a gentle coo.

I can smell her enchanting perfume at the back of her neck as I proceed to kiss her neck and run my hands on her soft bosom and body, the kisses continue along her face till I slightly rub my lips against her sensual soft lips gently and she parts them to receive my warm lips and at that moment the feeling is heavenly we kiss for a very long time and when our lips part I can see her smile.

I was once a student of anatomy and I decide to use my knowledge to please her majesty gently removing her hair band I run my fingers through her hair and slowly kiss her left ear and whisper into her ear ”I’ll make you feel like an angel” and she shuddered. My hands are caressing her body as I turn to her right ear kiss it and whispered into it again. Working my way downwards I find myself at her cleavage and I slowly raise her to her feet and allow the long summer cotton gown to fall to the floor.

As the dress fell to the floor her lovely breasts are finally revealed to my view; they are even more exquisite. Indeed they were just larger than handfuls, perky and firm, the skin smooth and unblemished. Her nipples were stiff and I caressed them gently, causing her to shudder as I cupped her right breast in my hand and suck on the nipple while my right index finger and thumb rubbed the left nipple.

We kissed again; somehow even more heatedly than before. She wore no panties. As I stand there, I studied her naked beauty. Her breasts stood out proud upon her chest. Her belly was smooth, rising gently as she breathed contentedly. I lay her back on the couch and continued with the kisses this time starting with her right leg the calf muscles upwards to the inner thigh and just up to where the legs meet and then the left leg.

She is wet I gently move my kisses upwards and into her moist wet cookie gently take her labia and rub between my lips and I can hear moans of pleasure as I take her clitoris up my mouth and suck on it she pushes my head down further and I can feel her hips start to rhythmically move at my pace as she encourages me knowing she is not far from climax.

It comes as volcano eruption would slowly at first but then as it proceeds I can feel her clawing on the sofa and a loud scream escapes her throat and she orgasms   I watched her face contort as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. I reached up and caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples.

I take a pause here for now.

Author – Father Francis 

now you see me , now you don't

now you see me , now you don’t


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