Dear Lost me,

Sitted beside that hospital bed alone in the dead of morning, waiting for that day to end despite it being 3 am in the morning, I sat and prayed and questioned. I racked my brain for all it was worth and ran all my thoughts in motion questioning above everything else why me? Through the pain, the agony , the fights ,the sacrifices, the rejection from those who should have stood by me when it mattered the most, to the loneliness and the silent conversations with myself and the greatest loss of all, I should have given up , I should have given it all up to you. You said in your word that your will was holy and perfect, that no matter what, you could and would not give a burden that was far too great for someone to shoulder. I felt alone and for the better part I was and no it was not my fault, I could have, I should have given it up to you. I cried and I cursed you together with the rest world for having neglected me, for having refused to help me, why me? It just happened and it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, it was only because you had a plan and purpose for my life and that your will was and is perfect. So all said and done, my heart is set, I stand firm on my faith. I may not understand it neither grasp it at all. May your will be done. I will not have to do this alone; I will have to trust you wholly and completely. The beauty of it all is not knowing……blind, child like faith. So looking back sitted beside that hospital bed, if you had shown me a mirror, I would have seen it all. Looking in, all I would have seen was one set of footprints, but there -in lay the truth. Where I saw only one set of footprints, you were carrying me.


Picture courtesy of:www.soorajkeshav.com


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