10 Things I should have learnt by now

I look to the skies

The sky at the break of day……

So this is the year of change as I have decided and with it I guess,  same as last year will come with a lot of soul  and self searching  of heavenly seeking and alot of insights on just what I need to become  or to change to get to my destination.

The destination has yet to be decided but for now I am content with who I am .. I just need to brush up a few things here and there and all will be well.. at-least with me . So here is a challenge, I set up for myself a while back and I am pleased to say, I have learnt alot about who I am as a person and my tendencies. So here we go:

10 things I should have learnt by now :

1. How to spend time by myself and with myself.

2.How to take time out

3. How to apologize with my dignity at my feet and not on my knees

4. How to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

5. That a man will go to any length to get what he wants  and a woman on the other hand is capable of anything, literally!

6. It’s never a must ……………

7.Feedback whether positive or negative, is given more so for your sake than for anyone else.

8.Loving myself beyond measure

9.The power of dreams

10.and that“People rarely change, but all too often become “more so” of a quality they always possessed but never expressed.”


4 thoughts on “10 Things I should have learnt by now

    • Hey love I am on day 28 , 2 more to go.Thank you for your unrelenting support ….. my he be found but most of all, may I find myself…………… 🙂

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