My sister and I are fraternal twins.

Yeah we are alike !

Yeah we are alike !

I reiterate what I tell everyone , I am 5 minutes older than she is which makes me the eldest. I keep on reading over and over again that, it is our differences that make us unique, but I cant help but think, rather wonder just who between us is better off  and why.
We were raised by both our parents in the same house but we are so different and its purely out of choice.
For instance when we were younger I was always the first to wake up, to learn how to walk, to learn how to cook , to get her period first, heck even at school.
My sister being the last born was always a tad bit behind me but amazingly enough she always got what she wanted  and if and when she did actually put in some effort  she could beat me at almost anything.

So here we are at 27  and for this part I will do a summary of everything that has happened so far:

1. My sister has a 6 year old daughter, has been married and separated , I on the other hand have no potential in sight  and no child to show for it .

2. A typical day for me entails waking up at 05:00am  and heading to work for a full day  and sometimes  work extends past midnight. Depending on what day it is, my sister´s day can start as early as 06:00 am or as late as Midday.

3. I remember when my mum was ill, it was my sisters task to stay at home and take care of my mum, I on the other hand had to battle it out for my mum with the rest of the world. It was I ,to get her a machine in hospital , figure out what was to be paid for and sometimes how or where the funds were coming from and literally hassle everyone I knew including family. In as much  as my sister´s job looked easy ,I had a chance to escape  the house   at-least … it was my sister who saw my mums tears the most , saw her struggle each day   and had to clean up .Plus fighting is my thing , my sister can´t even raise her voice at someone let alone threaten them, she simply smiles  and talks softly.

4. We each contribute  almost equally to household expenses, but since I am the one who works I get the bigger chunk. My sister on the other hand got all the inheritance my parents could give us in-terms of income and all. She sometimes has more money than I do ….

5. I have alot of friends , I am on literally every social network known and I spend alot of time going places and travelling never wasting a minute and even better or is it worse , the earliest I ever get home is 9:00pm. My sister spends most of her time at home doing house work or watching television. She is only on twitter and this is because she needed to sort out some Go-tv issues. The only time she leaves is when she picks up or drops of baby girl  from  school or when she goes shopping ans its always to the same places. The only friends my sister has are close family friends who are very few  and our cousins.

6. My sister I must say is much closer to our family than I am. I have had to pick alot of battles with my family and I had to draw a line somewhere and in most cases no- one thus far ever dares to cross this line. If  our family needs anything ( especially in terms of currency) they mainly do this via my sister not me directly. This goes as well for keeping touch and making calls. I have certain people  I call in our family , everyone calls my sister . Plus the down side of my job is, most of the times there is a family occasion I am working .

7. Emotion mmmhhh. The only emotions my sister is generous with are pouting and crying .. Ruth is slow to anger and smiles and laughs alot .. I on the other hand could simply be described as a tornado waiting to happen and yes I don’t hold back . 

8. My sister cannot stand people but she on the other hand tolerates them, she will be quiet for as long as you are there up until you leave . This you can ask anyone who has had to stay with us . I on the other hand don’t really care as long as you don’t interfere with my space and the minute you do …… lets just say one of us will have to leave and its not me. My sister on the other hand will secretly pray that you leave soon but will never ask you to do so.

So with that said , I sometimes look at my sister and secretly wish I was her, that I didn’t have to keep touch with friends ( keeping pals as I have discovered is expensive), that I was the one people reach out to especially family, that I was the mother of that sweet little girl, that I would effortlessly exist without any care or burden in or of this world, that I took everything lightly and with ease , the girl with the sister who is too overly protective of them.  But then I think again, I would die of boredom staying cramped up in the house the entire day,  and maybe it will take me having my own child but I am not the most patient person and my niece will tell you this, I crave knowledge and experience like a bad addiction and just being is not enough and this comes with having people around you.

 So here and now , born of the same mother , raised in the same house  by the same parents and with the same standards who is better off?

I know I over- think alot, but I just cant help but wonder what if ………………….

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  1. Simple, you are a go-getter and she is sweet and homely. At the end of it all, you are twins and accommodate each other in your own capacities. And yes you wouldn’t last a day at home… 🙂

  2. Would never have guessed you are a twin…..There is only one you after all don’t wish to be anyone else…You would rid the world of a special uniqueness.

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