A letter to my heart


Have you ever found yourself in a warm , dark, scary  place, with the walls moving and blood gushing everywhere? Guess what ?

You´re in my heart.

I often read that it was very important to think with my head and not with my heart .

I decided what the heck let me decide, what I feel is what I do. I often see people ask why oh dear  heart won´t you stay out of this?

 I often repeat to my self, pace yourself dear heart it has taken you a while to get here.

I know in recent days, I have used you in ways I was not supposed to. I have let you interfere with what I thought  were my feelings better yet my emotions.

 I have led you to believe, that what you felt was not pain but a lesson to be learnt . I let you break , I burdened you with a weight far too great for you to shoulder. 

 I chose to put you through what no one else should ever have to go through ,dragged you through the mud, almost betrayed you.

 But  you see dear heart,it takes you a million times to break in order for you to become wise. I have come to learn dear heart ,that there is a reason why you are caged inside me ,why you are covered in so much muscle underneath all this body .

I have come to learn why it was and is still important to shield you from the deepest depths of this world, from every soul that attempts to come anywhere near your hedge.

I have come to learn that :

 anyone and everyone knows how  to put their best foot forward.

 that if a man says he is not looking for anything serious then I should take his word seriously.

That if I am on a bus and somewhere further along the road I discover it is the wrong bus, I should jump off and wait for the right one.

 Birds of a feather flock together.

Seeds are planted yes but  where do seeds come from? the Parent plant off-course!

 Patterns come in all shapes and sizes,  but the main reason why it is a pattern is because there is a trail, better yet a trend. Follow it .

Seeing is believing. Actions speak louder than words.

 That to trip, to stumble,to falter doesn’t necessarily mean that I have fallen .

There will be times when I will make the mistake of listening to you or will deafen my ears to your silent plea but this much I promise you; to love you and honor and protect you .

 To nurture you with all that is good and healthy, to listen and learn to listen to your beat , to shelter and take cover when need or demand be.

 Yes I have walked over you and trampled on you but no more….

In the words of Gandhi: I choose in prayer to have a heart without words  ,than words without a heart………..


Pictures courtesy of

science.nationalgeographic.com   and www.zishaanshafi.com


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