So having been away for a while I thought I would share some of my old pieces…. what happened to this girl who had such big dreams I wonder ?But thing is maybe she just needs to dig deeper to bring her back to the surface … who knows this could just be my cure :).

Happy reading.

This one was called 1000 words:

I wish i could write you a thousand words

you being no-one in particular, maybe someone i treasure, a love i once had and lost, people i hold dear….

a thousand words just for you. Words narrating nothing in particular but words that will be with you for a long, long time
like a letter from a mother or a father who will not be there to see their young one come of age, a ballad to a loved one in a thousand words, a script just for you
I choose 1000 words becoz these 1000words conform to no time frame, nothing in particular just a random number i wish for you.
Silly, you might think but my 1000 words are driven to engulf you in a sea, drown you in deep thought, carry you for whatever time taken , be with you for as long as it takes.
1000 words just for you, to guide you, help you, remind you to take with you.

Take my 1000 words as a journey to your heart, a letter to your soul. fathom all i have to say, read between the words.
Written to no one in particular,
for no particular reason….
these 1000 words are from me to you.


I have been doing alot of thinking lately

I have also been smiling alot,

My weight has refused to get off and funny thing is am not even worried, I tend to have a strong belief in mother nature and her ability to let everything work itself out. But what seems to bug me the most is him……… He that has become the object of my attention and affection lately. I havent quite yet figured you out, am yet to ascertain  if am committing  a beautifully insane act or its just an enchanted nightmare. I am bound, I cannot think straight, I aimlessly loose track of my thoughts and time around you.Maybe its what people refer to as letting go. Everytime I am supposed to meet you I get an upsurge of butterflies in my stomach, worse still I cant get anything happy or sad to write about.Is it in the gentle caresses on my cheek?, the kisses I constantly get even when I duck?, the gentle way you nudge or push when you want me to turn?,Is it how you always have a line ready for me even when its not funny or necessary?the one call that always puts a smile on my face?,or how, no matter how hard I try to beat you, you always manage to surprise me? I know your not extra ordinary , supernatural or above human.It is just you and that bit has me stirred like coffee beans in a grinder.I dont want to let you go and am not sure  I want to keep you either, but for now what am sure I want to do is kiss the sky and let my kiss shower you in a thousand droplets,pour down in an insant heavy shower, Like a passing gust …….. Fresh as the morning dew…… , succulent like the smell of rain…… I want to paint the sky purple for you , I want Purple rain………..

Our meeting was brief and I must say it left a lasting impression.Before me lies a blank page but am still not sure what exactly I should say.

The picture I have is a perfectly handsome dimpled face,engraved with child like innocence and simplicity

I call you a man because within you lies a spirit known and possessed by the few who know what humanity is.

To be whole is to be at peace with oneself, to be able to feel and above all else share yourself and all that is within you

In you I have stumbled upon a golden heart, a treasure beyond words, a gem stone that only few can behold

I had envisioned introducing you to my world with fireworks and candle light poetry

No-one, where I come from can fathom the jewel that is you, even with a thousand words I would stil not be able to capture a your heart.

With that I have made a choice. To keep you a secret, a hidden treasure known only to me.

Hidden as you are to the world , I pray that may your blessings abound and for every step you take, may an angel shed a tear in honour of you….

xoxo, Leila.

I miss being a child,
I miss the innocence of childhood,
I miss the unconditional love i had
I miss the joy simplicity aroused .
I miss the days when play and friends were enough to fill up my days,
I miss when ma biggest problem was waking up early to go to school,
I miss that all those are 4gotten memories.
I miss when no-one expected much of me,
I miss doing things in a carefree manner,
Now that am here i miss resting on mamas lap and c-in her smile bt what i miss most of all is SWEET LITTLE ME!
A single rose in a blazing fire
someone has finally broken the silence.
A whole new world i forgot existed
a feeling of warmth. I have this thing that has been stirred inside of me warm, thrilling ,tingly. I get to read it every day, experience it in the vague light of my script. It is insatiable and brings a smile to my face. I want more but am afraid i will screw up.
You know what, who cares. Am diving in heart first and if i stumble somewhere along the way i am on the right path……
And one of this days i will experience the sun in all its warmth and light. Take heart my dear the silence has finally been broken. A tear then scream, finally we talk. No one will understand this, hope i dont read this later and erase it.

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