I felt it was important to share the first piece I ever wrote that got me to writing ……. I wish I had been able to do this while you were still alive but maybe it was meant to be the way it happened ………… and true to every word ……

To my dear mum :


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

If I could write you a letter , I would do it on the rainbow for the whole world to see and for the different shades to echo the sound of the spirits behind each word.


I would begin with the memories I hold dear. Both painful and happy because those experiences have made my life perfect


To resonate the ever increasing rythm I would describe you in a ballad smooth and sensual like a ballet in motion


For the days you have wept I would capture a river flowing in a fountain. Continuos, neverending and make it such that whoever saw it would hold their breath in awe and shed a tear for you.

I would engrave your name in my own handwriting because only then would I know that it will remain forever etched in my soul.

Three would be the number. because you had 3 angels. The most precious, one of a kind two your very own.

The memoir wouldn’t be complete without a garden, a sunflower dead centre, roses, geraniums , daisies and lilies. Ferns, climbers and an orchid or morning glory perhaps ……green, red, pink,…. Oops I almost forgot an orchard to the side. Am sure papayas and melons, oranges and grapes would make this small heaven perfect for you.

This rainbow would be surrounded by touch me nots to ensure that every venturer would leave a tincture of evidence signifying they were present…

Lastly to bring the rainbow to life, I would have a robin sing the three little words. In a whisper as soft as a silent wind , like the tides rejoicing, like the beats of an african drum, a distant cry beckoning, all to enchant you.




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2 thoughts on “COLOR

  1. I`m sorry to hear about your loss! This is very a beautiful letter to your Mom. A heartwarming piece of writing! I`m sure she`s watching you from above. Thanks for sharing and also thank you for visiting my blog.

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