Of Feet and Strides

If there is one part of myself that I keep marveling over it´s my feet. How can I have such  Image

tiny feet? A wonder yes  ,but this tiny feet I love. I took these photos in Camps bay in Capetown and everytime I need to make a decision or choice I always have to consult my  tiny feet .

Every step  I will ever and have to make will be measured by the stride of my feet.

 So a while back, I was chatting with my friend Clare and she told me that if I needed to  move ahead, I needed first and foremost to forgive and secondly to change how  I think and view things. I recently read a blog  about a positive thought a day and I have started  to practise and for the better part I think its working . Mainly I love how I have discovered that in as much as I convince myself  and know that I have it together , I dont …. I still have a few more steps to make and probably a whole journey ahead. One thing I know for sure  is if there is  something I have mastered it is getting ahead of myself. So I thought it would be great to do a post on me taking  rain check.

I am happy, that I have comes to terms with what I am not and what or who I am,  and to that effect I am and will try as much as possible never to have someone take me for granted or for once ever make me doubt who or what I am .It has been a great journey reflective for the better part but stiil worth every ounce of judgement and lesson  I have .

 Fact of the matter is, all I have ever known and this was the hardest lesson I ever learnt when I lost my mum is that I work too damn hard and that is just me … Regardless of the situation or what I get in return. Secondly , I admit that for a certain length of time he made me happy and despite  the whole grizzly affair , I have a few good memories  that I will keep just to remind me of what it means to be loved …… I have decided to set you  free and yes even though I miss you it doesnt mean that I want you back it just means that I thought about you and I hope you are doing fine…

 So this is me making peace with my self … I choose to let go of all emotions stirred , I choose to let go of all toxic people around me  and I choose above all else my sanity …

 You see, just like I said,  I always consult my feet, Happy tiny feet I think.


 One of the reasons, I like the beach alot,  sand and water all together  is the simple fact that on sand I can imprint  anything nd everything and though the memory will always linger all it takes is a single wave and that is it … everything gets washed away ……………..clean slate ……

 So in the words of a great message I carry with me and  this is me walking away and letting go ….


 Footprints on the sand :My precious child I never left you during your time of trial . Where you see only one set of footprints. I was carrying you………… .(Margaret Fishback Powers)http://www.2livewithjoy.com/2011/02/09/footprints-in-the-sand/

 And just like that ………… I FORGIVE YOU ………………


2 thoughts on “Of Feet and Strides

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and linking to the post on Footprints in the Sand. I enjoyed reading your reflections. All the best in your journey as you let go and walk away. 🙂

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