I Read

Funny thing I do every morning is open every page I know Facebook ,twitter everything and my new favorite Wamathai . All in all I am a sucker for anything written and even if it is one line be assured I will read it .

You see thing is part of being fabulous me is the fact that I store the dumbest of information even when it is not relevant to me .I hate the fact that all it takes is for me to see you punch in swipe or whiz your finger over your Keypad an voila I have your password . Same goes for the ATM and  I sincerely hope my friends are reading this but part of my life is knowing fully well what goes on around me …..

I make it a point to know whose what, where and how, when, who, save for the people who are fascinated by celebrities I am fascinated by the people around me . Pointless you might think but am a sucker for such.

So if you ever need a written approval you have mine I will most definitely read what you write  and share if I have too. I wish at times we communicated more in writing than we do in speech . I would not be a bitch as Kaisha calls me and better yet I would not shout at people half the times I do… There is power in written words , power in having a documentation, power in words and for that matter written words. The next invention should be a computer with a write on pad where I can see my writing in motion a moving picture yes but in word …..

Yes I read and yes I am a sucker for the written words…….


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